About Us

We launched Student Comps back in December 2021 with two primary aims: to stand out in the ever-growing prize competition market, but more importantly, to give students the chance to win a range of unbelievable prizes, all just for the price of a coffee.

Now some of you may be wondering, what is Student Comps? We are a competition site, where we run raffle competitions for prizes, with both a very cheap entry price and a very low set of odds on each competition, which is what makes these competitions very appealing to many people.

To enter, you simply select the competition you want to enter, select how many tickets you want, and answer the skill-based question, with what we hope is the correct answer. You will then be entered into your chosen competition which will be subsequently followed by a draw to announce the winner. It really is simple as that.

However, what we’re doing right now isn’t enough for us, and it certainly isn’t enough for our customers. We want to be announcing winners every single week, throughout the entire year. We want to be calling students one day telling them that we’re about to pay off their tuition fees and any other student debt they may have.

Whilst we love giving you all pairs of AirPods and cash to fund your nights in Thompsons, we have massive aspirations for how far we really want to take this thing. We want to be giving away a full years rent for a full house of you AND your friends, fully furnishing houses for students moving in, paying off tuition fees for students, paying off a students bills for the year, rent competitions every single week, gadget competitions to have you sorted for the rest of university, a years worth of groceries for you and friends, the list goes ON and this all starts with you.

Student Comps has been proudly featured in the Jobs 4 Students newsletter which can be found here.